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The Pallet Weasel is made in New York State and is made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE).

You bet! Any strapping, up to an inch in width, can be used with The Pallet Weasel.

Please contact Signode customer service at 1.800.526.1948 for wholesale information.

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WOW! This inexpensive tool really works. We band rolls of plastic film of multiple sizes to pallets of various size. The Pallet Weasel makes our pack operation more efficient and safer than anything that we have used in the past.

Jerry S. from Franklin Park, IL

I work at a convention center in Cleveland, Ohio. When we have a large trade show, we have to band up a large amount of freight and are up against a deadline to get everyone out on time. I have 5 automatic banding machines and The Pallet Weasel saved the banding crew many headaches to say the least!!! I'm in the process of getting more! Thanks again!

Tony C. from Cleveland, Ohio

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The Pallet Weasel is the perfect tool for anyone who deals with the tedious and often frustrating task of strapping pallets by hand. The Pallet Weasel is for people who have tried traditional strapping and banding equipment with lackluster success.

Everyone can enjoy the benefits of The Pallet Weasel. From small companies who strap only a few pallets a day to large corporations with multi pallet handlers and pallet parcel distribution technology... The Pallet Weasel is for you.

Now you can efficiently and effectively feed strapping through pallets. Wood pallets, plastic pallets, multiple pallets at one time... The frustration generated by uncooperative strapping is gone forever.

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